What is Instagram Marketing in 2021 – Step By Step Guide

What is Instagram Marketing

Are you a business owner and want to promote your Business with Paid Ads? If you want to promote your business organically then you can read my SEO article. If not, then in this article, I will explain everything about Instagram and how you can promote your business with Instagram Marketing.

What is Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram Marketing

Before knowing about Instagram Marketing, let’s talk about what is Instagram. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger co-founded Instagram in 2010 and literally, it rapidly grew as the best Social Media Platform at that time and no doubt it is still one of the best Social Media Platforms. In the beginning, it was just a simple photo-sharing app but now it’s a huge social media marketing platform along with sharing photos, videos, etc. Now, what is Instagram Marketing? Instagram Marketing is a type of social media marketing in which brands can promote their products or services by using or running ads and also can connect with their target audiences. It is similar to other Social Media Platforms, where everybody can create an account and will get a profile and newsfeed. Users can interact and contact each other by following, or being followed, by sending private messages, and can also comment or like each other’s photos or videos just like Facebook. On Instagram, everybody can upload photos and videos and also can edit them with many options. Instagram has many filter options that users can use in their photos or videos like adding light, cropping, can give a warm or cool tone, increase or decrease saturation, etc.

How to do Instagram Marketing

How to do Instagram Marketing

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram. So, now Instagram is a part of Facebook. Yes, Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. So, it is now a great platform to promote a business by running ads in fact, an individual or a business can run ads on Instagram with their Facebook Page. In this way, anyone can build a brand presence on both Facebook and Instagram but they should have a good budget. Now, I’m going to explain how to use Instagram for marketing. But before let’s see how to create a business account. First Sign up if you haven’t an account on Instagram. And for this, you need an email address or phone number. And then, go to your profile and click on “Settings” and then click on the “Get More Tools” option and then select “Business”. And after this step, you will have to go with some more different steps – Choose your business category, add your contact details, add your email address, and final step, link your Facebook page to your Instagram account, that’s it. After all these steps, you successfully created a profile on Instagram and now it’s time to optimize your Instagram profile. Why? To do Marketing on Instagram, Instagram plays a very important role to increase your “Brand Awareness” and building a good impression of your brand. It will be the main source of information from which the audience can come to know about your brand. That’s why it is very important to optimize your Instagram profile. Having said that, you have to post the best, professional and eye-catching picture of your brand on your Instagram profile. And then add a catchy or easy to read and remember Username, it should be easy to read username so that users can read, and/or tag. One point to keep in your mind, related to this step. Your username is different from your name on Instagram, Username will be the name of your Instagram handle. After username, now add a good, professional profile picture, after username it plays a very important role in building brand awareness. In fact, users can know almost everything about your brand from your profile picture. You can use your image if you want your name as a brand if not then you can add your company Logo. And then, it’s time for writing some eye-catching lines. Yes, I’m talking about bio where you can write something about your brand with a limit of 150 characters. Having 150 characters limitation, think twice and write a good description so that you can give a good message to viewers from your Brand. In this space, you can mention anything about what kind of service or product your company is providing, etc. The main goal is to attract your audience to your social media handles and make them good leads for you. And if you want then you can add a link in your bio. So, now, you can add your website, blog, or a landing page link, in this way your audiences will go to your mentioned link and will be your lead. You can also add your contact details like your company name, email, and/or phone number in your bio description.

How to do Marketing on Instagram

How to do Marketing on Instagram

We can do marketing on Instagram organically or by running paid ads similar to Facebook Marketing. So, let’s see organically. As we know, in the beginning, it was just a simple photo-sharing app, having said that, you can still share or post your photo or photos. You can post a maximum of 10 photos at a time in this app. You can also edit them with so many filters available on Instagram itself. You can also post videos but it should be less than 1 minute at a time. And the most important part, write a good and professional description and add relevant hashtags according to your audience. Next, you can share stories on Instagram. It is a type of short-live content that will expire 24 hours after posting. It will appear on top of the Instagram Homepage Feed. In a story, you can add photos, videos, boomerangs, typographies, etc. You will also see many types of tools by using which you can edit your story. You can see who viewed your story and also can choose who can see your story. And next is IGTV and live videos, it is a type of long-form video which was launched back in 2018. You can add videos that have 15 seconds to 10 minutes time durations. And one more advantage, if you have a verified account on Instagram, you can post 60 minutes long IGTV videos. You can engage with your audiences by doing live videos. It is a type of real-time engagement and it is the most powerful engagement type. To get maximum viewers to come to your live video, you can send notifications to your followers and can also make an announcement for your live video on your Instagram story. I want to add some more things which I use personally to engage with my audience. You can reply to comments which a user posts in your photos or videos. And you can give a shoutout on a weekly basis. You can also comment about your brand in other brand’s photos or videos. Here I want to share a great tool that I also use personally to schedule my posts on Social Media Platforms including Instagram. It is known as Hootsuite. It is a great tool by which you can schedule your posts for the next 1 week, even for months. Now let’s talk about the paid method. If you have budget, then you can promote your brand by running ads on Instagram. The Instagram ads manager can set up ads in a proper manner. You can create ads from scratch or you can use your existing posts as ads and run them. For this, you can select an ad objective either to generate brand awareness or to get more sales for your company. And then select the target audience for each and every ad that you will put on Instagram. You will get an extra option to target your audience according to location, demographics, behaviors, and interests like Facebook ads. In this way, Instagram Marketing works.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Now, suppose, you have not a product or don’t want to provide a service but still want to earn money by using Instagram. Then you can go with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a type of partnership in which a promoter joins or signs up with a Brand or Organization and then promotes their products or/and services by using different ways of Digital Marketing or Offline Marketing. In this type of marketing, you don’t need to have a product or service of yours. Commissions can be 100%, it depends upon what type of product or service you are promoting. Why use Instagram for affiliate marketing? Instagram is the most popular social media platform with the highest engagement rate. Instagram has 500 million daily active users and users spent an average of 53 minutes per day on Instagram according to 2018 data. And it’s 2021, it is now a much better result. Many companies want to collaborate with influencers on Instagram and want them to promote their products or services. Again in this section, you can promote products organically or by running ads on Instagram but this time, it will not be your product or service. But organically, it will take much time, probably 6 to 12 months. But in paid ads, you can run brand awareness ads. And when you cross 10k followers then you can contact brands and approach them for their products or services. And then you can earn a good amount per month between 500 to 1000$. But for this, you have to maintain your engagement rate. It should be 5 to 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of Instagram?

It is a photo sharing platform in which you can edit, post and share your photos, videos, and can interact with your audience by doing live video.

How do I start Instagram marketing?

For this, create a business account on Instagram, optimize it, add username, bio description, and other contact details like email, phone number, etc. And that’s it.

How successful is Instagram marketing?

Instagram has 800 million unique monthly users and users spend 53 minutes each day as per 2018 data. So, it is worth it to market on Instagram. It is an additional channel to promote your product or service but the amount for an ad will go up with the days, because at the end of the day, it is a type of Pay Per Click Ad.

Can Instagram pay you?

Good question, not exactly but you can earn money by using Instagram platform. You can do affiliate marketing on Instagram and then indirectly you will get paid by Instagram.

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

For this, you can do it organically or run ads. Organically, post valuable content consistently on Instagram, interact with your audience, by replying to their comments, and by doing live videos or by commenting on other posts.

Do hashtags get followers?

Yes, it is. It is a good way to get likes, comments and more followers. But, for this add 30 hashtags which should be relevant according to your post.

How does Instagram marketing work?

Promoters promote products or services by using ads or by collaborating with influencers. In this way, Instagram Marketing works.

How many new followers a day is good?

It is not fixed. It depends what type of valuable content you are posting consistently. There are many fake followers providers in the market. If you gain new followers organically then it will be good. But if you use fake followers providers then your Instagram account will be banned. But having said that, you can post 1-2 valuable contents everyday and a good no. of followers will be 1-1000 each day.

What’s a good amount of Instagram followers?

It is not fixed. The one thing that matters is engagement rate. But a good no. of followers will be 1000 to 5000.

How many followers do you need to verify?

To verify, you need a minimum 10k followers. And then you can add links in your stories. Keep this in your mind. You will get this option when you verify your account or get blue tick in Instagram.

How much do you make on Instagram with 10k and 20k followers?

You can earn 100$ per post if you have 10k followers and 200$ per post if you have 20k followers.

Should I buy Instagram followers?

No, absolutely not. Don’t buy fake followers, many fake followers providers are available on the market. But, you can run ads on Instagram and Facebook for brand awareness.


Instagram is a great platform and growing rapidly having a good amount of live users it is still growing. I explained everything about Instagram marketing and Why use Instagram for marketing. If still you have any doubt or question, then let me know below in the comment box.

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