What is Facebook Marketing – Step by Step Guide 2021

What is Facebook Marketing

Are you going to start Digital marketing or do you want to take your business online? From a one ad platform, you can grow your business and reach to 2.80 billion. Yes, that’s right. In this article, I’ll explain everything about Facebook Marketing and how you can promote your business with Facebook marketing. 

What is Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social media platform in which businesses can market and promote their services and products to the users on Facebook according to keywords, interests, age, gender, and demographics. In Facebook, marketing can be done by organic strategies and by running ads.

Facebook ads help you find new customers. As an example, if your business is in Health and Fitness industry then you can target people on Facebook by giving Facebook your custom audience details. Facebook is more often an outbound advertising medium. Facebook ads focus on quality and user experience delivered by advertisers. The better the user experience and relevance, the lower the cost of the ads. And then you can target users on Facebook based on “Who they are”. Facebook ads are “outbound” advertising. It aligns with social media. Facebook ads also considered as “paid social”. Facebook ads are very visual with images, videos and also very social with likes, comments, and shares. With Facebook ads, the ads shown to the wrong person is a waste of money. That’s why “Audience” is the most important for Facebook Targeting is everything. 

How to do Facebook Marketing

How to do Facebook Marketing

You can promote and market your business and product by organic and paid ads on Facebook. Below I explained how to do Facebook marketing by using both methods.

1. Create a Professional Facebook Page for your Business or Product.

Create a professional and creative page on Facebook for your business or product. It is totally free and gives people an option to like or follow your page, and also you can engage with your followers, and also they will engage with your company. And by Facebook page, you can promote your business by running ads on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know more about how to create a business page on Facebook then click Here

It will take a little bit of time to create a professional and creative Facebook Business Page, so if you have no time then you can hire someone expert for it on Freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

2. Increase Engagement and Share Quality Content

Once you are done with creating a Facebook page, then you can post and share good and high-quality content in a consistent manner. You can share content in images or video formats. And you can also go live. Do you know? The engagement rate of live videos on Facebook is 4.3 percent as compared to 2.2 percent of non-live videos. You can also schedule posts by using some tools like Hootsuite

3. Running ads on Facebook

You can boost your Facebook page by running ads on Facebook and Instagram. And also you can run ads for your website or blog. As a beginner, run an image ad in people’s newsfeeds and attach a link to your website or blog or to a landing page having an offer. You can also add a call to action button and if your ad is creative and impressive then people will like and comment on your ad and also they will share your ad. For running an ad on Facebook, you need to select an audience. As, an example, if your audience size is 1 million, then in 1 million only 500,000 people will see your ad. Because maximum people don’t use Facebook every time or they don’t use Facebook that much to see your ad. So, now 500,000 people saw your ad, and next time if again show the same ad to the same people then conversions will be low. So, the nature of the Facebook ad is, you will run a campaign, in the initial stage, this will be very cheap and soon your audience will get exhausted and the cost of the ad will go high. And then your ad will stop working. No, if you want to run the ad again and high the conversions. Then you need to create a brand new ad with a brand new creative then you will get high conversions. So, after running the ad for some days, don’t forget to recreate the previous ads. And if you want a Facebook Business Manager who can run ads for you then click Here. I have explained everything about Facebook Business Manager in this article.

How to Use Facebook Page For Marketing

how to use Facebook page for marketing

If you have no budget and want to promote your business or product organically. Then you can promote your business or product by creating a page on Facebook. Yes, that’s right. It is not only a page, it can be your public profile for your business or product. One who follows your page becomes a fan of your business and consumes your content. It is a user-friendly, easy to use, and communication tool. You can engage with your followers and they can like, comment, and share your content. It is totally free, you only have to give time. You can access it whenever you want. You can optimize and do SEO for your Facebook Page.

How to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing

how to use Facebook groups for marketing

Second, the best option to promote your business or product for free is to create a group on Facebook. You can create a group on Facebook and promote your business or product but before this, you should select a niche. Niche is very important. After creating a group, post-High Quality, and Engaging content on it in a consistent manner. Sometimes, you can go live, it will engage more to your audience and you can share about your group to other groups also.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Facebook
How to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook

Now, if you are not a business owner but want to earn money on Facebook, then the best way is to promote other’s products or services and earn by doing affiliate marketing on Facebook. Here are some steps by which you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

  1. Create a group on Facebook

Create a group on Facebook but don’t forget to choose a specific niche first. By choosing a specific niche, you can add or target the appropriate and right audience. In the beginning, you can add your friends and also tell them to add their friends. And provide value by posting High-Quality content in a consistent manner. Consistency is the key. And in some posts add your affiliate links, so that they will be balanced. 

  1. Create a page on Facebook

Let’s suppose, you have an affiliate products blog or website, you can create a page for your blog or website on Facebook. This is the most effective way to promote your affiliate product links. A page on Facebook will help your targeted audience to know about the latest contents and posts that will you post in a consistent manner.

  1. Run ads on Facebook

You can run ads for affiliate products, if you do it in the right way, then you can generate high revenue. But, make sure to not put your direct affiliate link in your ads. You need to put landing pages on your ads. Run multiple ads in a time, and track each ad, and continue the ad which will perform well and stop the rest ads.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Market on Facebook?

Yes, you should. Facebook has 2.80 billion users. So, you can show your product or business in front of 2.80 billion people. And if you target your audience in a proper way by selecting relevant gender, age, interests, keywords, demographics then you can generate good and high revenue.

How much does Facebook marketing cost?

In Facebook, you can pay cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions(CPM). For cost per click (CPC) Facebook advertising costs on an average about $0.27 per click and for cost per thousand impressions (CPM) it will cost you around $7.19.

Where can I learn Facebook marketing?

So, you want to learn Facebook marketing, well Facebook has many courses related to Facebook Marketing itself. You can check their courses and all courses are absolutely free.

What is a good cost per click on Facebook?

It depends what type of business or product you are promoting on Facebook. It will be $ 0.1 per click or $3.77 per click.

How much should you pay per click?

The average cost per click in Facebook ads is between $0.1 to $1 on the search network. And the average cost per click on the display network is under $1.

What is the best day to advertise on Facebook?

The best times are Friday 7 a.m. and Tuesday between 6 to 9 a.m. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. And the worst day is Saturday.


And here, I’m going to finish. I hope you learned something new about Facebook and how to marketing on Facebook. Running an ad or multiple on Facebook is not an easy task but by running ads and tracking results you will learn how to run good and high revenue-generating ads on Facebook. One pro tip: After running a profitable ad don’t spend too much like if you are running 5$ ad for each day then don’t make it 20$ a day suddenly. Slowly increase the money and track the record. I hope, you will like my article, feel free to write any questions if you have below in the comment box.

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