What is Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business manager

What is Facebook Business manager
Do you want to run ads on Facebook for your business and/or for other businesses? Yes, you can run ads for many businesses on Facebook as their Facebook Business Manager. But don’t know-how, what is Facebook Business Manager and how you can be their Facebook Business Manager. I personally ran ads for more than 15 businesses on Facebook. So, I thought I should go ahead and write an article on it. In this article, you will learn about Facebook Business Manager and how you can run ads for business on Facebook.
Do you know what a business manager is on Facebook. Facebook launched Facebook Business Manager on 28th April 2014 to help companies manage and organize their Facebook Page and ad accounts without being dependent on an individual personal account. It is a free tool developed by Facebook and it allows businesses and agencies to securely manage their company’s Pages, ad accounts, catalogs, and pixels in one place, without sharing any login details.

How to Create Facebook Business Manager account

How to Create Facebook Business Manager account

After knowing about Facebook Business Manager. Now let’s get to the most important part how to set up Facebook business manager.

Step 1 – Set your Business Manager account

For a Business Manager account, you need a Facebook page, if you don’t know about the Facebook page then click here to learn about this.

After creating a Facebook Business Page, go to the Facebook Business Manage page and click on “Create Account. Then fill out the form with basic details like your business name and your business email address then click on “Next.” After this, enter more details such as physical address, phone number and website and then click on “Submit.”

After filling details, you will receive a confirmation email. So open your email id and click on “Confirm Now’’, then you will have a Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 2. – Link your Facebook Page

Now, link your Business Manage account with your Facebook and Instagram Page. To link an existing page, click on “Add Page” or you can enter the page name or URL. If you’re an admin of the page, Facebook will automatically approve the link request. After linking page or pages you can keep track of all your posts and their performance metriec in one place. This will includes metrics like Facebook reach and clicks/action.

Step 3. – Link your ad account

If you want to run ads on Facebook and Instagram by using Facebook Business Manager, you’ll also need to link the ad account that you’re managing. You can link and ad account that you won and you are an admin of. Just click on “Add ad account” to link your existing ad account and then enter your account ID. And if you have no ad account, then you will have the an option to create a new ad account there. 

Step 4. – Adding user to your Facebook Business Manager account

This is very important and crucial step. Once going in your Business Settings, under “People,” click on “Add.” Enter the email addresses of the people to which you want to share access details. You will also have an option to assign people a business role – here you can them admin access or some limit access as an employee.

Who should use Facebook Business Manager?

A business who runs multiple pages and ads for businesses.

A business who run ads in several geographies with different different time zones.

Businesses who want to target more than one client with several pages and ad accounts.

Start-ups and e-Commerce companies who want to target an audience for campaigns and low sales and campaigns.

Websites and blogs who want to share custom audiences with other blogs or websites.

Importance of Facebook Business Manager

  1. It helps you to manage your business process from a centralized dashboard that is easily accessible to you

The dashboard will help you to access and organize your pages, ads that you are running or not and people in a single and one place, this helps the business to focus on other works and in the end it will save production time.

  1. You will get better control

If you are a business owner, you can give login details to your team members according to your requirements, and the access level, you can control with the tool, from the home page. You can assign pages and ad accounts details to your team members without any security risk. If any of your team member don’t want to work or stop working for your business, you can simply remove their access, with one click from your administrator account and track any changes they made in the past. 

3. Have balanced work and life with Facebook business manager

You can link your business notifications from your work email id so that you can tack your business proposals, this option will helps you to be connected with your workforce and client at the same time. With one click, you can start and end your business, this ensures work and life balance. With this feature, you will no need to add clients or your workforce as a friend on Facebook to give them login details for your business page. 

  1. Easy to prepare business reports

With Facebook business manage, it is easy to prepare reports of management or dashboards and they will provide you with different customized options that are best and user friendly.

  1. Flexibility of Multiple Features

Now, advertisers can create parallel ads having multiple images with texts under different ad sets with customized settings. This option can let you introduce of Facebook ad sets in power editor and ad manager.

  1. Value added service

By using Facebook business manager clients can control over their ad campaigns and Facebook pages, it also makes simple to claim ad accounts, apps, manage projects and partners, and also it allows clients to have multiple level of control on their Facebook pages and ad campaigns.

  1. Business and team collaboration

With this tool, now you can easily connect with your team members. It gives you transparency and provides a complete picture of how your business is working and what are your business goals.

Make the most of the Facebook Business Manager 

If you complete the setup, then you can use the Facebook Business Manager and can track all your pages and ads or, in case if you are running an agency, your clients’ pages and ads that are running or not. And here are some extra tips, to make the most of Facebook Business Manager: 

1.You can boost your account without any risk, Facebook Business Manager can add an extra layer of protection for your business assets, and it will be one of the top advantages. You have the option to set up two-factor authentication for your account in your Business Settings under “Security Center.” account security page facebook business manager 

2. To effectively setting up Facebook Pixels, you need to collect information that’ll feed your Facebook Marketing strategy and ad campaigns, and for this you have to set up Facebook Pixels immediately. In your Business Settings, go to “Data Sources” and find “Pixels.” pixels window facebook business manager You only need to name your Pixel here, but you also have the option to add your website URL to discover easy setup options. Select “Set up Pixel now” and follow the installation instructions in our Facebook ad targeting guide. 

3. Set up Locations using Business Manager If your business has multiple locations, setting up Locations will allow customers to find the most relevant store Pages through search engines. To do this, click on the “Business Manager” button at the top of the page and select “Shop locations” under “Assets.” The “Assets” section will also give you the option to add catalogs, audiences and branded media if you need to add those later. business manager dropdown menu Click on “Add stores,” then select “Add manually” to fill out the necessary details about your store. Facebook also recommends using a spreadsheet if you need to add more than 10 shops.

What Is Facebook App Manager

The Facebook App Manager let you easily integrate your website with your Facebook page. It can automatically synchronise your site’s pages and global data to your Facebook page. 

How To Delete Facebook Business Manager Account

How To Delete Facebook Business Manager Account

Go to “Settings” in Facebook Business Manager 

Select “Business Info” 

Click “Permanently Delete Business” on right side of page


In this article, I explained about ads manager on Facebook and importance of Facebook Business Manager. Please let me know below if you have any questions.

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