What is Backlink in 2021 – Step by Step Guide

What is Backlink

For organic traffic on your blog or website, you should do SEO, and you have to do On-page and Off-page SEO to rank your website on Google and to stand out from the crowd. In this article, I’m going to explain everything about Backlink, which is a part of Off-page SEO. Some say, Backlink doesn’t matter in 2021 and some say, it matters. So, after reading this article, you will clearly get to know, it works or not.

What is Backlink in SEO With Examples

What is backlink in SEO with example

Backlink is the no. 1 off-page optimization technique that is available for website owners. And also, Google’s algorithm built on the top of backlinks. So, if you have a good amount of links, then the ranking chances for specific keywords will be high. It is just like voting. If a High Authority domain mentions your domain then Google will think, your website is genuine and real because here high authority website gives you a vote. After publishing a blog post, search engines also track the engagement which comes from social media on a page. once it is published. If engagement will higher, it will increase the chances of getting a better ranking. If brand mentions on different websites, it is not much effective as compare to backlinks but it will help with SEO. Google loves brands because brands are ling term and they stick around longer. A higher percentage of a brand name on Google and Social Media Platforms will also help in SEO. Google also tracks the author and the personal brand who creates the content. “Author Rank” which is a part of the algorithm gives weightage and branding to authors who will be famous as experts. Now you know, What is Backlink in SEO.

How to build Backlinks?

There are four ways by using you can build backlinks:

Earn them

Create them

Buy them

Make them

How to Earn Backlink for Your Website

If you give valuable content to your audience and users then you will earn backlinks. Because, at the end of the day, other bloggers, users, and audiences are Human beings and they will get valuable content then they will consume and share content. As an example, you are going to write a blog post, you have knowledge and experience, but to ensure, you will search your topic on Google and will read some blog posts which are relevant to your upcoming blog post. And if you will get good and valuable content then you will share that content or article in your blog post. And in this way, that article earned a backlink from you. Now, you know how to create valuable content. And here a question will arise, before creating valuable content, in what type of keywords you should write on? So, that your article will rank on Google. Always focus on informational keywords. And kinds of keywords that are formed in questions. Informational and educational keywords are both linkable and rankable. Because you will add value to your informational keywords themselves. Because, you will solve some certain problem and always write an in-depth article, and in words count it should be between 1000 to 2000 words.

How to Create Backlink for Website

How to Create Backlink for Website

Now you know, how to earn backlinks. You can create backlinks. For creating a backlink. The best and easy method is to comment on other blogger’s articles. But, before commenting the most important is to build relation with blog owners. You can subscribe to their newsletters and comment genuinely on a regular basis. After building relation, you can talk about guest posting and do-follow backlinks. By commenting, you will get backlinks, 95% of links are not followed backlinks but it is worth it. And you can search broken links on that website and ask the blog owners to exchange for that broken links with your blog post links. In this way, you will get do-follow backlinks.

How to Buy Backlink for Your Website

It is a type of Black Hat SEO. You can buy backlinks. It will cost you between 100 to 500$ for one backlink depends on the authority of the website who will give you a backlink. But I do not recommend it because it comes under Black Hat SEO. But, if you have the budget then, you can go ahead and buy backlinks. Before buying backlinks, create valuable content, do On-Page SEO or optimize it well and then buy backlinks. Don’t buy cheap backlinks. Here are some good backlinks providers SEO Butler, Rankclub, Fiverr

How to Make Backlink for Your Website

It is also a type of Black Hat SEO. You can buy expired domains from Dynadot, expireddomains, Godaddy auctions. It will cost you from 1$ to 100$ according to Domain Authority. And then set up WordPress on Fresh Hosting. Create a free website over there, optimize your website and put some content on it and then give yourself a do-follow or no-follow backlink. Before buying an expired domain, make sure to check expired data or months of that domain. It should be one year or less otherwise, it will be useless to buy that expired domain. This method is also called Private Blog Network(PBN)

Best Free Backlink Checkers

Best Free Backlink Checker

Nowadays, all tools are paid, and as a beginner maximum can’t afford to pay for these paid tools. And it also comes in backlink checker tools. Almost all tools are paid and these tools cost a lot. But, today in this article, I’m going to give my 5 used free tools which I’m using personally for checking backlinks and competitors’ details.

Before writing an article or blog post, your compititor already done many works for you. Yes, it is right. But you can’t check their work manually. Thats why here paid and free tools come to check your compititors’ works.

As an example, by using Ahrefs Backlink Checker, you can check from which websites your compititor already taken backlinks.

After knowing this, you can go on those websites, and ask for broken link exchange or writing a blog post. You can also 

do reverse engineering and come to know, to whom your compititors give backlinks and if they have 404 website or broken link,

you can go ahead and ask them for backlinks. So, here are my best and personally using 5 free websites for backlink check.

SEO SpyGlass: Best free tool available in the market in which you can truly depend on and can do backlink check and analysis. It gives you a fully specced out dashboard for backlink analysis and management. It has also a sort and filter option by which you can sort backlinks according to many backlink parameters.

Google Search Console: It is a completely free tool for backlink checking, but also comes with limited opportunities. It help webmasters to improve their websites. You can only analyze your websites that you own. Before analyzing a website, you have to verify your ownership. And then you can see in what page of Google your website is ranking, details about your backlinks, etc.

Seobility: It is a perfect tool by using you can do quick review and can know your competitors’ backlink profiles. It allows you to check three backlinks each day and can view only 400 per check. The list of backlinks will be sorted from the highest to lowest as descending order.

Ahrefs: It is a popular link checker tool in which you will get everything: Backlink Checker, Broken Link Checker, Keyword Generator, etc. And I personally like this tool. But it also comes with some limitations. But, in free versions, you will get good details about your competitors. It has no check limits. You can check unlimited websites for backlinks or keywords, etc. And also, this tool also gives other details along like domain and page authority, traffic, and anchor text along with backlink details. It will show the top of the screen with the backlink details.

SEMrush: It is one of the best tools for generating high level backlink reports and domain summary. In this tool check website is unlimited. You can check unlimited websites per day. It will also give authority and traffic of website along with backlink details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backlink in SEO?

A backlink is a type of link which is created when one website links to another website or blog post. It is also known as “inbound links” or “Incoming links”.

How does Backlink work?

Backlinks are like voting. If one website gives backlink for another one. Google, will think its a like a vote and try to rank that website above on Google. But backlinks should be from high authority domains.

How do you build backlinks?

Backlinks can be built in four ways.
By earning, by creating, by buying, by making

Are Backlinks still important in 2021?

Yes, it is. But it is not full SEO. It is a part of off-page SEO and it will only help you to rank on Google and increase your domain authority. So, always focus on keywords and solving your user problems or queries.


In this article, I explained everything about backlinks, how backlink works and how you can build backlinks for your website or blog. I hope now you know backlinks are important or not in 2021. If you want to read everything about SEO and Onpage SEO then check this article. In this article, I explained everything about On-page SEO Please let me know below, if you have any questions or queries.

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